INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY As Trump Steps In It With China

Today, the most inept commander-in-chief (elect) in U.S. History shot off his big mouth yet again and upset nearly a half-century of successful foreign policy when he crossed paths with China by speaking directly with leadership in Taiwan.


Often mocked on late night talk shows for his deliberate pronunciation of “China” the supposedly successful business man who outsources the production of his branded clothing line to the largest communist country in the world ignored decades of careful dealings with Red China by speaking with the prime minister of Taiwan.

Trump, who often wore a red hat himself on the campaign trail, has already set off a firestorm of commentary signaling to some that he has his gunsights set on China, and the big mouth even went so far as to point out in a tweet that we sell weapons to Taiwan.  If that’s not an implication that he wants to fight on more than an economic front, than he’s an even bigger idiot for having said it.

The Financial Times explains:

Although it is not clear if the Trump transition team intended the conversation to signal a broader change in US policy towards Taiwan, the call is likely to infuriate Beijing which regards the island as a renegade province.

The US has adopted the so-called One China policy since 1972 after the Nixon-Mao meetings and in 1978 President Jimmy Carter formally recognised Beijing as the sole government of China, with the US embassy closing in the capital Taipei the year after.

Although the Blamestream media will be sure to point out that this is just Trump proving he’s once again an outsider, the truth is that this is likely to set off more than just Chinese fireworks.

The only way to stop this lunacy is to make sure you make your voice heard!  Like, Share and Tweet this and maybe we can avoid a major world conflict!


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