LUNACY! The Right Will Believe Anything!

By Jed Biggins

Thank goodness nobody was hurt in a completely unavoidable turn of events that proves just how much poison the Blamestream media has injected into the American political conversation.  The same people gloating over the GOP win of the White House in November are the same people who complained, whined and did everything they could to block Obama and the Democrats – and that includes outright lies.


Now, those lies have come home to roost with potentially deadly consequences as an armed North Carolina man wandered into a restaurant in our nation’s capital today to “self-investigate” one of the most incredible lies posited by the right during the election season.   This idiot was stupid enough to believe that Hillary Clinton and one of her campaign staff were running a child sex operation out of the back of a ping pong restaurant.  I would normally say that you can’t make this stuff up, but…well the results speak for themselves.

Edgar Welch of North Carolina took an assault rifle into the crowded pizza restaurant and fired his weapon in his attempt to find out what he thought was the “truth,” consumed from the buffet of lies he was fed by the conservative news during the election.

According to a report in Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader:

The popular family restaurant, was swept up in the onslaught of fake news and conspiracy theories that was prevalent during the presidential campaign. The restaurant, its owner, staff and nearby businesses have been attacked on social media and received death threats…Startled patrons rushed out of the restaurant, taking shelter in nearby businesses that remained locked down for more than an hour.

How stupid do you have to be to believe that a major presidential candidate is a sexual predator?  It’s not like they have her confessing to it on video, right.  I wonder what Billy Bush has to say about this.

Share your outrage with others by liking and sharing this article.  They need to know what the Blamestream media on the right is capable of and they need to suck it up and report the truth like your friends here at The Freedom Herald.


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