NOW Look Who Wants To Play The Race Card!

By Jed Biggins

On Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the first-ever female Speaker of the House, put forth brief, well-reasoned argument that Trumps latest nominee in his shambles of a transition, was distinctly unqualified for the job.  Trump nominated former neurosurgeon Ben Carson to run the cabinet-level Department of Housing and Urban Development.  What a joke!

After Carson HIMSELF disqualified himself from a cabinet position for his lack of experience, Trump found a way to weasel him back into a position of power, despite having no qualifications!  Here’s what House Minority Leader Pelosi tweeted:

And then look who piped up:

Hi Kabwe.  Twice failed presidential candidate, former governor and current Fox News talking head, Mike Huckabee, who like Carson, doesn’t believe that dinosaurs existed.

What did Pelosi say that makes her racist?  And just because Carson claims to have stabbed a guy in the belt buckle once doesn’t make him at all knowledgeable about how to deal with the issues that face people who need government help to have shelter and resources.

It doesn’t take a Brain Surgeon to read that Huckabee doesn’t have a single reason to play the race card.  In fact, by pointing out that Carson had lived in govermnent housing, he essentially says that Carson is qualified only BECAUSE he is an African American.

Carson joins the log list of cabinet nominees with questionable qualifications – if any, including Goldman Sachs and foreclosure king Steve Mnuchin, Billionaire Wilbur Ross, Fake News Hawk Michael Flynn and of course, White Supremacist Steve Bannon.

Like and Share this article to let Speaker Pelosi and your representatives, Dems and GOP alike, that this level of incompetence will NOT be tolerated.


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