Paul Ryan and Congress LIES About Repealing Obamacare

By Jed Biggins

The reality of what happens when the Right Wingnuts repeal the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, has hit.  Despite over FIFTY attempts to pass a repeal of Obamacare, Paul Ryan and his Crony Capitol Hill gang realize that an immediate repeal of the law leaves over 20 MILLION Americans without healthcare.  And don’t even get us started on their plan to completely eliminate Medicare.

Read between the lines:  THERE IS NO PLAN TO REPLACE OBAMACARE!!!

Now that they’re firmly in control of the steering wheel, they find themselves without a map for what to do, and are now claiming they’ll keep Obamacare for three more years, hoping and praying to their corporate donors that they’ll come up with a plan that will fool the voters into paying even more for private insurance.

Ryan even admits that Obamacare needed time for the people to figure it out and now he wants to tear it down (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):

The Speaker declined to say how long it would take Republicans to design a replacement so that the millions of people now covered by the Affordable Care Act can be transitioned off it.

“It will clearly take time. It took them about six years to stand up Obamacare. It’s not going to be replaced come next football season,” Ryan said in an interview Monday with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


If Big Business has their way, you can bet that they’ll force every American into a healthcare plan that sends money out of your pocket and into theirs.  These jokers just gave themselves three years to figure out how to screw us without us realizing it.

Of course, this is just a setup to pin the blame on the left wing before the next presidential election as they engineer an undoubtedly clumsy transition to a “private” exchange that will leave Americans paying every last cent for mandatory healthcare while they bathe in their exclusive congressional healthcare plans.

This is an outrageous reversal on their primary platform from the last six years.  Ever since Obamacare passed in 2010, they’ve fought the plan that was their idea to begin with!  Republican “Stink” Tank, The Heritage Foundation proposed the idea that was the foundation of Obamacare…in 1989!!!

If you agree that Congress needs to propose a plan BEFORE they repeal Obamacare.  Don’t let them pull the rug out from under us.  Like and Share this article to let your friends know you’re just as outraged as we are!


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