EDITORIAL: Donald The Dictator?

By The Freedom Herald Editorial Staff

Welcome to the Freedom Herald’s first editorial. While we normally stick to reporting the facts, we here at the Freedom Herald are alarmed at the amount of military experience that the President-defect is adding to the structure of our government.

First of all, he nominates a guy named “Mad Dog” who needs a special law passed to let him run the Defense Department, a position originally known as the Secretary of War.

Then he nominates Michael Flynn, a kook who spreads fake news to be his National Security Advisor, a position incredibly important in how we deal with threats internally and externally.

Now he nominates retired general James Kelley to head the Department of Homeland Security?

And the Reicht can’t wait to praise him for all these picks.  They’re goose-stepping along in line to let this joke of a leader embed himself even more deeply into power.  They are even threatening to shut the government down if they don’t get their way!

Do you know who surrounds themselves with generals?  Dictators.  Do you know who wants to bring military might to bear to enforce their policies?  Dictators.  Do you know who uses the military to threaten and intimidate their enemies? Dictators.

The fact that this yahoo, with no experience, is surrounding himself with the very people in charge of taking on the terror threat that he claimed his predecessor couldn’t handle, is incredibly alarming.  Especially from a man with his finger on the nation’s nuclear button.  From a man who can’t help but comment immediately on a late night comedy show that parodies him.  From a man who personally calls out a hard working union member that had the audacity to challenge his claims about his work to keep jobs in America.

And a man who is clearly putting is family members and his business interests in a position to profit from his presidency.  Remember this America: When dictators take power, they don’t give it back.

Be wary America and be vigilant.  Please like and share this article to express your concern and make your voice heard!


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