FLIP FLOP By Right Wingnuts On Trade Deals

By Jed Biggins

Well, well, well.  Look who’s suddenly in favor of aggressive stimulus for American companies.  There’s a YUGE flip flop going on right now in Congress and on the entire Reicht on whether the government should be working to stimulate the economy and spend to keep jobs and production here.

When Obama did it, it was awful, but now that Commander-In-Theif Trump wants to take credit for just handing Carrier $7M in tax credits even as they take more than 1200 jobs to Mexico, they suddenly think it’s fine.

Even late night comedians get it:


This kind of behavior is reprehensible and typical of the swamp creatures who are going to run this country off the rails with their hypocrisy.

If you’re slick of this HYPOCRISY, then like and share so that more true Americans will hear your voice.



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