How Did Mike Pence Contribute To The Chicago Homicide Problem? By Being Governor of Indiana

By Hugh S. Grant

Nobody disagrees that there is a problem in Chicago.  An ineffective mayor, even more ineffective governor and hamstrung police force have been unable to combat the aggressive rise in gun violence in Chicago.  President-Defect Trump made note of it often in his campaign speeches and during debates.

And with the new year ringing in compilations of last year’s stats, even talking heads like Greta Van Susteren are taking notice:

But here’s the dirty little secret.  Do you know where all those guns are coming from.  Indiana.  It’s simple geography.  Most American’s don’t really realize how close Chicago is to Indiana, where the ability to get a gun is much easier than it is in Chicago.  They share a border.  In some cases, all you have to do is cross the street.

According to USA Today in an article more than a year old:

A report from Chicago authorities found that nearly 60% of illegal guns recovered in the city from 2009 to 2013 were first sold in states with more lax gun laws. The largest portion came from Indiana, which accounted for 19% of the illegal guns in Chicago

That means that one in five guns on the streets of Chicago are coming from Indiana.  And Indiana has an interesting relationship with guns.  That same article points out that in 2015 alone:

…[Indiana] repealed a prohibition on manufactured sawed-off shotguns and passed a law intended to inoculate gun manufacturers from an ongoing lawsuit filed by the city of Gary, about 30 miles southeast of Chicago in northwest Indiana. Those changes come on the heels of a measure last year allowing adults to keep guns locked in their vehicles in school parking lots

And now, Indiana, which last I heard is still governed by Mike Pence until he’s sworn in, is trying to make it even easier with a new proposal to eliminate the need to get a firearms license altogether!  That’s right.  In Indiana, Republicans want to make it even easier for people to get more guns and deny police officers the ability to ask for a permit, allowing an officer to determine that a person in possession of a weapon does not have a felony, conviction, history of violence, mental illnesses or other potential red flags.

What can be done about it @Greta?  You can make it harder for people to get guns across the street.  In Indiana.

If you want to make America – and Chicago – great again, start by looking right around you – and make sure you like and share on Facebook, Twitter and with your lawmakers!  Let’s get this article to 1000 likes to show Mike Pence how you feel about his do nothing attitude on gun violence in Chicago.



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