What Racism? Nations Highest Law Enforcement Official-To-Be Doesn’t Tell The Whole Truth

By Jed Biggins

America should prepare from a radical departure from our days of law and order once confirmed racist Jeff Sessions is made Attorney General.

Jeff Sessions of Alabama, has submitted his official application questionnaire for Congress to consider when they vet him for his nomination and confirmation to be Attorney General.  And it turns out that this lawyer-turned-senator has decided to tell the truth – but not the WHOLE truth!

If you look at the questionnaire he submitted, he omits even the most basic details of his past including several hundred interviews and press clippings, and hardly anything about his employment history prior to the last five years.  And that includes some pretty interesting employment history.  Like the time Congress refused his nomination to a federal judgeship – because he was too racist.

A report by the Alliance for Justice, a non-profit watchdog group finds that ”

You can see the whole report HERE

Why do we say that he’s a “confirmed” racist?  Because that’s what Congress thought in 1986 when he was deemed too racist to be appointed as a federal judge – and now he’s somehow changed as he’s gotten older?

In just one of may incidents reported in the congressional record – can’t make this stuff up – Sessions was noted to have said that he thought the KKK was OK until he found out they smoked marijuana, according to one of his former aides. And it gets worse!  The statement was made in connection with the prosecution of a Klan member who had hanged a black man.


And oh yeah, according to the Alliance For Justice:

When Senator Sessions submitted his Senate Judiciary Questionnaire (SJQ) late Friday night, it was immediately obvious that it was not thoroughly completed. In response to Question 13, which instructs nominees to “State chronologically any unsuccessful candidacies you have had for elective office or unsuccessful nominations for appointed office,” Senator Sessions did not mention his failed nomination to the U.S. District Court 30 years ago.

It’s up to you America, to make sure that this bigot, racist and failure is not put in charge of making sure that all of us are treated fairly in a court of law.  Make sure to like this article on Facebook, Tweet and Retweet us and contact your Senators and Congressmen to tell them to dump Sessions.



Headline Image by Andrew Harper of Bloomberg via Getty Images


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