TWITS Of the Day – Our Roundup of Twitter’s Biggest Idiots

By Joe McCarthy

Last night was the kickoff to the awards season, and boy did the right wing nuts start showing their teeth on Twitter last night.  While the biggest winner of the night was La La Land, the biggest impact of the night came from Meryl Streep, who gave an impassioned speech that destroyed our president-elect.

And the thin-skinned crybabies couldn’t just sit back and enjoy the moment.  They had to demonstrate how offensive it is that people have their own opinions.

Our first Twit is Tomi Lauren who tweeted out her absolute OUTRAGE at the fact that people in Hollywood have their own opinions

Finally, our biggest TWIT of the day is the President-Defect himself, who just can’t resist responding.  God forbid he take some criticism.  Talk about a snowflake.

You can watch the full speech by Streep HERE


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