UH-OH. One Less Place To Look For A Job

By Jed Biggins

When Donald Trump spoke of “American carnage” during his inaugural address on Friday, he clearly wasn’t kidding. He started out on Monday by signing an executive order freezing all federal hiring. So let’s get this straight. He is bringing jobs back to American’s by refusing to hire them? This is ridiculous.

And it’s ridiculous for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the sheer hypocrisy of refusing to allow the government to hire people. While there is certainly an argument to be made by the right wing-nuts about the federal government being too big for its own good, the long term plan here’s is obvious for everyone to see.

So what happens when the 2,000 jobs that are currently open at the Department of Veterans Affairs can’t now be hired? Of course! Let’s privatize it. Vets will have no choice but to accept the healthcare the government chooses for them through a private healthcare system focused on wringing as much money out of their pockets and the taxpayers pockets as possible.

Randy Erwin, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees union agrees (via Yahoo!)

“Freezing federal hiring sounds good on the campaign trail, but it does not make government smaller like some people think it does,” he said. “All it does is lead to the hiring of more federal contractors which tend to cost taxpayers more than federal employees and are less accountable.”

What happens when the U.S. Post Office can’t hire the workers it needs to to get your mail where it needs to go. Privatize it! Someone in Trump’s Cabinet of Billionaires is probably standing ready with just the right crony to hand the business to.

Clearly, this is a ploy for Trump and his crony capitalist friends to line their pockets.  And of course it’s one of the first things he does in office.

And this is a threat to our national security as well. By not hiring in new, young workers with advanced technical skill sets, our defenses and security across all federal agencies is at risk from hacking and cyber threats for an obvious start. But don’t forget about the clear need for efficiencies and automation that a young, vital, newly hired and energized work force could bring to federal agencies.

You think your wait at the post office is long now? Just keep on waiting.

American carnage indeed.

If you agree that Trump is endangering America and enriching himself, then spread your outrage. Like us on Facebook, share us on Twitter and make sure everyone hears your voice.


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